Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Get to know me

Hello bloggers!
Today i have joined blogger.com on the 17 of November.
First of all my name is bahaa hotiet im an 19 year old male born in Lebanon on 25/02/1996,
I have been gaming sence i was a little kid and i have had some fast gamming improvment and in just few months i could understand a game and become a professional player,but my main problem  is that i dont own a computer at home so i have been doing gaming for the past 10 years in a netcafe but it worked good for me, as soon as i get one ill be bloggeing and uploading some videos on youtube.
I have played many games such as (csgo,dota2,many kinds of roseonline,rakion,wolfteam,runescape) and many other games, now im on csgo but i have been busy and i had to stop for sometime but ill be back soon on it,
Hope i would have a good time here.